Magic Program

Magic Program

Hobby Quest’s "Abracadabra Quest"

If illusions and mysterious feats are your favorite way to impress people, join us in Abracadabra Quest and learn how to become a real magician today!

In this magical Quest, we will teach you everything you need to know to become a real performing magician!  You’ll learn all of the secrets that have been guarded for centuries by magicians!  Reading your audience’s minds will be a piece of cake after you learn our “Mind Reading Paper” and “Dice Prediction” tricks!  Next you’ll discover the “Magic Blank Deck”, where you will dazzle your friends and family by turning a blank deck into an actual deck of playing cards right in front of their eyes!  Some tricks will amaze even the most seasoned magicians, like when you turn one die into a bunch of smaller die with the “Color Exploding Dice” trick!  If that wasn’t enough, we’ll make sure your parents get a chance to see exactly how fascinating your performance is by inviting them in for a real magic show at the end of the semester!

So if you’re ready to learn how to do some REAL magic, sign up for Abracadabra Quest today!

Learn it!  Perform it!  Keep it!

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