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NYC DOE Title III Summer Aviation Camp Information

Hobby Quest’s advanced Aviation program is designed to help students learn and comprehend the history of aviation, science of aerodynamics, as well as basics regarding physics, math and geometry in a fun and exciting hands-on enrichment course.  Students will use their creativity and skills to build different types of model planes and helicopters while learning things like how to identify the parts of a plane by their proper names, how weather effects flight and Bernoulli’s Principle.  Not only will our students build model airplanes, but they will also take part in flight sessions where they will get to see their creations in action and learn how what they’ve designed and created is able to take flight. 
This course will mix STEM learning with a high-flying fun experience to break up the camp day and as an added bonus, support students’ learning and understanding of the English language by introducing and explaining new terms and related vocabulary!

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