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Training and Support

Never Ending Support

What good is designing, building, and creating something if it is not going to be maintained and improved upon? To ensure quality and consistency Hobby Quest operates a network of support in the vital areas related to the development and operation of each franchise.

Members of Hobby Quest’s support staff will visit each franchisee on an ongoing basis to assist in a variety of areas to make sure that your business is working both effectively and efficiently.

To further provide support, Hobby Quest’s network makes available the following essential services:

                                            Operational Support ^ Marketing Support ^ Purchasing
                                                    Accounting/Audit/Legal ^ Internal Support
                                                        Ongoing Research and Development
                                                                Overall Program Oversight
                                                                         Franchise Sales

You are the owner of your own franchise with the solid backing of a world class organization.

Hobby Quest’s proven system and support are designed to help you craft your business.

Thorough Training

Prior teaching, management, or aviation experience is not a requirement to become part of our organization. Hobby Quest will provide focused training to each franchise location to help prepare for a smooth opening.

We have a thorough two-phase training program to show you the way. The first stage takes place at our designated corporate training facility where your will learn the necessary aspects in running a Hobby Quest including administrative, operational, and sales/marketing matters. Included in the instruction is a liberal amount of on-the-job training.

The second phase consists of on-site training where Hobby Quest trainers visit your new location and help in the grand opening of operations.

A member of Hobby Quest’s support staff will visit each franchisee according to an arranged schedule to continually assist in the further development of your franchise.

We also provide refresher/updated training sessions each year to help our organization polish our skills and learn industry best practices and share amongst ourselves what is fresh and exciting within our Hobby Quest family.

It is important that we are all on the same page and working as one organization.


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