Airplanes Program

Aviation Camp

Hobby Quest’s “Airplanes”!

Get ready to go on a high flying adventure and join us for Hobby Quest’s Airplanes!  We’ll start our journey by going back in history and building the Boeing P-26, a super realistic model using a rubber band powered engine and depicting the first American all-metal production fighter used by the United States Army Air Corps in 1932!  By next creating the Avatar, we’ll be coming back to today’s technology by building this lightweight, yet durable, free flight electric plane.  The Avatar is on a quest to discover the world, and you’ll be along for the ride!  The Batman hardly needs an introduction.  This masked hero’s super cool helicopter will take him to new heights to help complete his quest!  Those are just some of the amazing things you’ll build in Airplanes.  We’ll learn all about different types of airplanes and fun flight facts, and even how Bernoulli’s Principle!  Don’t wait to start your quest – sign up today!

Build it!  Fly it!  Keep it!

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