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Come and join the wonderful world of Hobbies!

Be Part of a Brand

The Hobby Quest is an after school enrichment company that runs fun and exciting programs all over New Jersey.

The Hobby Quest offers Aviation (Building Model Airplanes), Magic and Fashion After school Programs.

You do not need to have experience with any of the above fields, as we will train you and supply all the necessary materials.

These wonderful programs are offered on a weekly basis for 1 hour between 2-5Pm Monday-Friday , for children K-5th grade. The classes are primarily held in schools and/or recreation centers.


Teaching provided Curriculum

Creating a fun stimulating class room environment

Establish and enforce rules while behavior and procedures for maintaining order among the students

Demonstrating an activity by breaking the task down into a sequence

Maintaining Supplies

Class room Management

Creating an effective wide array of instructional strategies at students disposal.


Must be 18 Years of age or older

Clear background check

Experience working with elementary age children

Experience with hands on learning

Strong Organization Skills

Valid Driver license

Must have a vehicle as a means reliable transportation

Attend trainings

This a part time positions as an Independent contractor
Rate: $35 per hour + $ 20 every additional hour

Positions in New York City (Brooklyn) : http://ht-jobs.net/OVU7LLR
Postions in Westchester : http://ht-jobs.net/7EJ8AOU
Positions in Long Island : http://ht-jobs.net/J534YSC

"The Unlimited" - an amazing, high flying balsa wood plane. And you can even choose its shape!